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College of Education Assessment Office

The Assessment Office handles daily operations associated with assessment and accreditation for educator preparation programs in the College of Education Key functions of the Assessment Office include:

  • Ensures that the college and its departments comply with the assessment standards of relevant accrediting bodies, including the Council for the Accreditation Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP), the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), and the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).
  • Serve as a resource for updated assessment-related information associated with AAQEP, Middle States, and the Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs) 鈥 e.g., National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Council for Exceptional Children, etc.
  • Analyze and compile data from campus systems, internal databases, and the LiveText portfolio system to support ongoing assessment, accreditation, and program improvements.
  • Maintain program and College-level data for all professional educator programs.
  • Assist programs with data collection and program reporting associated with the Middle States Learning Outcomes Assessment Plans.
  • Overseeing the ongoing development and implementation of the College鈥檚 LiveText Assessment and Accreditation Management system
  • Collaborate with the College鈥檚 edTPA Office to provide ongoing coordination and logistical support.
  • Oversee survey operations and compile course evaluation data to research its teacher preparation and other programs.
  • Prepare the Title II, AAQEP Annual Report, Middle States, Traditional Program Annual Report (TPAR), US News & World report submission, and other external data reports. 
  • Convene and provide assessment data for college-wide and district committees.
  • Leverage partnerships for professional development schools and K-12 teacher education.
  • Manage, collaborate, and/or assist with the Middle College Program and its initiatives 
  • Manage Atlas Case Study CoE subscriptions and assist faculty as needed.


General Information

The Praxis庐 exams are a series of tests to measure the academic skills and subject-specific content knowledge needed for teaching. Individuals must pass the exams or an equivalent assessment to become certified through the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and enter the teaching profession. The exams fall into two categories:

  • Praxis庐 Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) 鈥 comprehensive assessments that measure candidates鈥 skills and content knowledge entering teacher preparation programs
  • Praxis庐 Subject Assessments 鈥 tests that measure general and subject-specific content knowledge that you need for beginning teaching.

Please refer to the for eligibility standards, certification requirements, passing score thresholds, and reciprocity agreements. The following links provide greater detail into each aspect of the examination process.

Online Praxis Testing

ETS offers an at-home Praxis testing option for test takers who live in the United States, its territories, or in Canada. They're identical to tests taken at a test center and on your computer at home or another secure location. Before your appointment, your testing area must meet the environmental requirements set by ETS.  All at-home tests are monitored online by a human proctor. At-home testing is available 7 days a week.

Available Test Titles:

  • Over 100 Praxis tests are available for at-home (including Praxis Core and Praxis Subject Tests). 
  • if your program鈥檚 required test is available.

Electronic Equipment:

  • You may use a desktop or laptop computer to take your exam.
    • You can't use a tablet, Chromebook鈩, or mobile device.
  • Use an approved operating system, which must be licensed. Unlicensed or test-mode versions are not permitted.
    • PC: Windows庐 operating system, version 10 or higher
    • MAC庐: Mac OS庐 X 10.13 or higher
  • Use the Chrome庐 browser.
  • Multiple monitors, use of more than one mouse or keyboard, and dual screens are prohibited.
  • Speaker: 
    • Use an internal or external speaker to hear the proctor. Headsets or earphones aren't allowed
  • Microphone: 
    • Use an internal or external microphone that isn't part of a headset to talk to the proctor
  • Camera: 
    • Can be a built-in camera or a separate webcam 
    • Camera must be movable to show the proctor a 360-degree view of the room, including your tabletop surface, before the test

Environment and testing space:

  • You must be alone in a room with no one else entering during the test
  • Your computer and keyboard must be on a desk or other tabletop surface clear of all items not approved for use during the test.
  • You must sit in a standard chair; you can't sit or lie on a bed, couch, or overstuffed chair.
  • Food and drink aren't allowed during the test.

Testing Materials:

  • You may not take notes on regular paper for security purposes. You may use one of the following to take notes:
    • One small desktop whiteboard with an erasable marker
    • One sheet of paper inside a transparent sheet protector with an erasable marker.

Dress and Attire:

  • Dress appropriately for your test. You'll be monitored via camera by the proctor
  • Face masks may not be worn during check-in or any part of the at-home testing session.
  • Your ears must remain visible throughout the test, not covered by hair, a hat, or other items. Religious headwear is permitted if your ears remain visible during the test.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry. Engagement and wedding rings are allowed

In-Person Praxis Testing

The active Praxis testing location sites in Maryland are listed below:




LAM UAS Tech Support Lab, APCU-8398, 1501 S Clinton St.


Baltimore - South Clinton Street (2), APCN-3502, 1501 South Clinton Street


Baltimore - South Clinton Street, APCN-5001, 1501 South Clinton Street


Internal Production India TQ Surpass Lab, APCN-9740, 1501 South Clinton St.




Account Management UAS: 12th Floor Lab, APCU-8967, 1501 South Clinton


Washington DC - Bethesda, APCN-3512, 8120 Woodmont Avenue


Washington DC - Bethesda, APCN-0091, 8120 Woodmont Avenue


Bowie State University, STN14879A, 14000 Jericho Park Road


Bowie State University, STN14879B, 14000 Jericho Park Road

College Park

ETS - 金光佛论坛, APCN-7571, 2112 Shoemaker Building


Baltimore - Columbia, APCN-0084, 6304 Woodside Court


Frederick Community College, STN14691A, Linganore Hall Testing Center, Room 104


ETS - Frostburg State Univ., APCN-7751, Frostburg State University


Hagerstown Community College, STN14799A, Academic Testing Center-LRC 322

Hanover (21076)

Anne Arundel Community College, STN15060A, 7009 Arundel Mills Circle

Hyatsville (20785)

Washington DC - Landover, APCN-3514, 4301 Garden City Dr.

Nottingham (21236)

PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE - Technical Support Lab, APCN-9998, 7941 Corporate Drive

Salisbury (21804)

Prometric Test Center, APCN-3501, 1336 Belmont Ave. Suite 501B

Salisbury (21804)

Prometric Test Center, APCN-3519, 240 Tilghman Rd.

Towson (21286)

Baltimore - Towson, APCN-0092, 8601 LaSalle Road.

Regardless of local policy, you must bring a face mask to the test center. If you come to the test center without a face mask, you will get turned away. The center or local policy determines the requirements for wearing a face cover for the entirety of your time at the test center.  As a precaution, you can wear a mask during testing if the test center or local policy does not require it. Both medical masks and cloth face coverings are acceptable. 

You can also bring/wear rubber gloves, but gloves are not required.

Some test centers require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within a specific time frame before testing for entrance to the test center. Be sure to check with your local test center for a complete list of health and safety procedures required for admission to the test center.

What to Bring:

  • Admission ticket
  • Acceptable, valid photo ID
  • Calculator, if allowed for your test
  • Acceptable face mask or covering
  • If you require any health-related accommodations, you must request accommodations before registering.


  • Arrive 30 minutes before your testing time for check-in procedures.
  • You must store your personal items in a locker or on-site storage area. Access to them will not be available during the test.

Disabilities Accommodation Requests

Please submit all disability accommodation requests and supporting documents electronically to ensure that ETS can receive your application. Due to limited staffing, there could be delays in processing accommodation requests.  Submit via your .

Praxis test preparation

    • Due to test postponements resulting from coronavirus (COVID-19), ETS offers a 30% discount on Praxis and SLS Interactive Practice Tests and has extended the subscription to 180 days 15 uses. Please enter the code PRACTICE at checkout to receive the reduced price.
    • Free webinars with in-depth information and demonstration
    • The Praxis庐 Learning Paths鈩 Program is a new way to prepare for the Praxis庐 tests. The program is online and asynchronous.
    • Current Praxis Learning Paths Products:
      • Elementary Mathematics Course. Tests this course covers:
        • Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Mathematics subtest (code: 5003)
        • The Mathematics section of the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge test (5018)
        • Elementary Education: Three Subject Bundle Mathematics subtest (5903)
      • Elementary Reading and Language Arts Course
        • Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Reading and Language Arts subtest (5002)
        • Reading and Language Arts section of the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge test (5018)
      • Elementary Social Studies Course
        • Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Social Studies subtest (5004)
        • Elementary Education: Three Subject Bundle Social Studies subtest (5904)
        • Social Studies section of the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge test (5018)
      • Elementary Science Course
        • Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Science subtest (5005)
        • Elementary Education: Three Subject Bundle Science subtest (5905)
        • The science section of the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge test (5018)
    • Free and fee-based Praxis test prep resources

The School Leadership Licensure Assessment (SLLA)

The School Leadership Licensure Assessment (SLLA) exam tests explicitly for certification as an Administrator II (principal). Click the following link for more information.

GRE Overview

The GRE General Test is a standardized aptitude test that reflects what kind of thinking you may do in a graduate program. It measures your skills in Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing.

GRE Exam Testing Updates

  • The GRE General and Subject Tests are both available in test centers and at-home.
  • Beginning September 22, 2023, the GRE General Test will be shortened from 4 hours long to just under 2 hours long.
    • There are 46 fewer Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning questions for a total of 27 Verbal Reasoning and 27 Quantitative Reasoning questions.
  • GRE Discounts
    • Use code GRE602023 to get $60 off test registration through September 20, 2023.
    • Use code GRE502023 to get $50 off a retest through December 31, 2023.

Here is some pertinent information in regards to GRE test preparation:

  • To learn more about the at home test, register for an or visit the web pages forand .
  • The GRE Program has introduced free for advisors and educators who conduct workshops with students.
  • to find current available seats for the GRE exams.
  • GRE .
  • for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-related Needs.
  • ETS is posting videos, developing registration checklists, and hosting Facebook Live Events in order to help test takers understand the new online testing process.
  • Students can access free directly on the GRE website.

American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) requires World Language teaching candidates to demonstrate their ability to use language for real-world purposes to obtain certification. ACTFL Proficiency Tests reflect and measure the candidate's ability to carry out these real-world tasks. Click the following link for more information:

Students will use LiveText to complete their edTPA portfolio and document their performance on the Technical Standards/Foundational Competencies and the Maryland Teacher Technology Standards. For more information visit the College of Education LiveText webpage.

Please complete this form for requests, data, projects, and assistance from the Assessment Team .

Contact Information:

Ebony Terrell Shockley, Executive Director of Teacher Education
Donna North, Assessment Analyst
Christopher Cooks, Assistant Director of  Assessment
Stacy Currie, edTPA Coordinator